No Insurance, No Problem!

No Insurance, No Problem!

About us

Radiant Smiles
Dental Savings Program

Access to Quality Dental Care
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Family Dental Care

From the youngest patients to the oldest, we offer comprehensive general dental services to prevent, diagnose, and treat oral health problems. We are passionate about our patients!

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. Get the bright smile you deserve with our cosmetic dental services. Our one stop shop of dental services allows patients to straighten or alter their teeth from the comfort of our office.

A Team You Can Trust

Our patients are like family. We strive to establish lifelong relationships with our patients based on trust. Our compassionate team helps you feel comfortable from the moment you step into the office and throughout your procedure

What’s Covered?

Diagnostic & X-rays

TreatmentMember Discount
1 Comprehensive Exam (new patients/initial visit)100%
1 Annual Exam100%
1 Emergency Exam (Problem Focused)100%
4 Bitewing X-rays (1 per year)100%
Periapical, First Film100%
Periapical, Each Additional Film100%
Panoramic X-ray100%
CBCT (3D Imaging) Scan20%


TreatmentMember Discount
Child Prophylaxis (2 per year)100%
Adult Prophylaxis (2 per year)100%
Periodontal Maintenance (2 per year)100%
Fluoride Treatment (1 per year)100%
Oral Cancer Screening (2 per year)100%
Additional Prophylaxis/Perio Maint. per yr15%
Dental Sealants15%

Restorative, Surgical, Cosmetic, & Other Procedures

TreatmentMember Discount
Fillings (Restorations) and Core Buildups10%
Oral Surgery (Extractions)10%
Crowns, Bridges, Veneers10%
Dentures, Partials, Occlusal Guards10%
Root Canals (Endodontic Treatment)15%
Periodontics (SRP, Full Mouth Debridement, etc.)15%
Implant (Placement and Restoration)15%
Invisalign $500 OFF
Take Home Whitening Treatment$100 OFF
In-Offi ce Whitening Treatment$50 OFF
All Other Treatments10%

Our promise to you and Your Radiant Smile. Excellent dental care,
Exceptional customer service and affordable prices.

Premium Options

Single$299 ($250 in savings off normal fees)
Dual*$575 ($575 in savings off normal fees)
Family (3)**$752 ($720 in savings off normal fees)
Family (4)** $917 ($1,295 in savings off normal fees)
Each Additional$110

*Dual Plan is for Parent/Child or Husband/Wife Only.
**Family Plan includes family members and children under 18
**This is a yearly plan available for a low price!

Monthly Premium Option

Patient Type Monthly Premium Cost
Child (0-16 yrs.)$25 per month
Adult $30 per month

Monthly premium is paid per patient.
Monthly subscription accounts must be set up for automatic payment.

Program Guidelines