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Pineville Dentist Breaks Down the Benefits of Using Dental Crowns and Bridges

Benefits of dental crowns and bridges in Pineville, NC.

Two procedures help patients restore the beauty of their teeth, especially when faced with decay, damage, and missing teeth. These treatments are dental crowns and dental bridges. Today, our Pineville dentist, Dr. Raynald L. Desameau, will discuss how dental crowns and bridges in Pineville, NC can help you obtain a healthier and more beautiful smile.

Why Are Dental Crowns and Bridges Important?

Dental crowns and bridges are dental tools used to correct and align your teeth. As the name implies, a dental crown is laid on top of your tooth to restore its damage and address its decay. Likewise, a dental bridge connects two or more teeth and closes the underlying space between them. Both function as restorative dental procedures that differ slightly in terms of the conditions they treat.

Dental crowns and bridges treat various oral conditions that may accompany decay and tooth loss. Crowns and bridges prevent bone and jaw disorders, teeth shifting, and gum diseases while also enhancing the overall appearance of your face.

We will explore the benefits of bridges and crowns, but before we do that, let’s first clarify when you actually need to get a dental crown or bridge.

When Do You Need a Crown or Bridge?

Knowing which dental treatment is best for your oral care needs depends on the condition of your teeth. Dental crowns are used when your dentist believes your tooth can still be salvaged. Most times, when a tooth is damaged or decayed and the solution isn’t to extract a tooth, a dental crown becomes the knight in shining armor. Decaying, cracked, or chipped teeth are restored using crowns.

On the other hand, dental bridges are used to replace a missing tooth. Their main purpose is to cover the space between two teeth in your mouth. So when you have a missing tooth and need to have that space covered, your dentist may recommend a bridge.

Benefits of Using Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are an effective treatment option for repairing an injured tooth. Crowns can make the difference between needing your natural tooth extracted or saving your tooth. There are many vital benefits crowns bring to your oral health, and our dental crowns in Pineville can repair your damaged teeth and give you a functional, beautiful, and healthy smile.

Here are the top benefits of crowns:

Crowns Are a Simple Procedure

Restorative dental treatments using dental crowns are not complicated or as intense as people tend to think. Crowns are relatively straightforward and minimally invasive. A crown is designed to perfectly fit the damaged tooth, and once the tooth is prepared by removing damaged tissues and cleaning the enamel, a crown will be cast.

The casted crown is taken to the laboratory to be made, which may take a few days. In the meantime, your dentist will fit a temporary crown to allow you to eat and perform other oral activities. When your crown is ready, we will contact you to have it placed, thus, becoming a part of your smile permanently.

Crowns Relieve Discomfort

Sometimes a dental crown complements other restorative treatments such as fillings and root canals. It is also used to repair structural damage and protect your tooth enamel. However, damage and decay can make your teeth more sensitive to temperature or pressure, especially when addressed with filling and other treatments.

A dental crown can relieve discomfort, protect your tooth against further damage, and reduce tooth sensitivity.

Crown Restores the Appearance of the Teeth

Aside from restoring injured or damaged teeth, crowns also offer cosmetic benefits because they fit over your natural tooth and address specific cosmetic concerns. Dental crowns can correct misshapen teeth, discoloration, fractures, cracks, and chips. 

Dental Crown Are Custom Made

Dental crowns are designed to perfectly match existing teeth’ shape, size, and color. You can decide the type of materials you want your crown to be designed with, whether gold, silver, or ceramic. Although, this is solely dependent on your preference and budget.

Once your crown is placed, and the slight soreness around the area fades, you will barely notice you have a crown, and people won’t be able to discern the presence of a crown in your teeth.

Crowns Are Durable

Dental crowns are designed with durable materials that can withstand the pressure of chewing, grinding, and biting food. If you maintain proper dental hygiene and schedule regular examinations, your crown can last for as long as 30 years and more.

Benefits of Using Dental Bridges

Dentists in Pineville, NC.

 Bridges are excellent tooth replacement options for missing teeth and, when used, offer unique benefits. The benefits of bridges include:

Restores Smile

The quality of life increases when we smile more often; dental bridges can give you that. Bridges are primarily recommended for patients with missing teeth and who want to restore their smile. These are some of the factors your dentist considers when determining the fastest tooth replacement option that can also allow you to restore your smile.

Maintains Your Natural Face Shape

Losing a tooth creates gaps in your tooth structure that may affect the jawbone in the area of loss. Tooth roots stimulate the jawbone to produce bone cells, which may not be possible when there’s no longer a tooth. Hence, it’s crucial to continually stimulate the area of the gums where you’re missing a tooth. Bridges help maintain the structure and pressure required by your jawbone. 

Enhances Speaking and Chewing

Another benefit of bridges is improving your chewing and speaking capabilities. When you lose a tooth, you face the challenges of chewing certain types of food, which can also be very discomforting. The pronunciation of certain words is affected, and you may even bite yourself when speaking fast or for a long while. A dental bridge can resolve these issues by replacing the missing teeth.

Prevent Teeth from Moving

Covering the gaps in your teeth with a dental bridge can help you keep your natural teeth in place. Dental bridges help maintain the structure of your teeth and prevent them from drifting and becoming loose.

Hygenic Ways to Maintain Your Dental Crowns and Bridges

To enjoy the maximum benefits of your dental crown and bridge, you must maintain excellent oral hygiene. Many patients think that since crowns and bridges are artificially made, they necessarily don’t need much maintenance. 

This is far from the truth. Your crowns and bridges require the best care to secure their health and that of your remaining natural teeth. Your dental bridge and the crown will lose their strength, texture, and support if the bone or teeth holding it in place becomes damaged.

To maintain your dental crowns and bridges, you must:

  • Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss regularly
  • Reduce the consumption of hard foods
  • Visit your dentist every 3-6 months to check the health of your bridge and crown.

Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges in Pineville, NC

Our dental team at Radiant Smiles Family Dentistry is deeply interested in enhancing the appearance of your smile and face. We offer dental crowns and dental bridges in Pineville, NC, to repair and replace any damaged or missing tooth. Whether you have crooked, decaying, broken, or missing teeth, rest assured that we can provide the proper treatment to restore the luster of your teeth. Schedule an appointment with us for your crown or bridge treatment and enjoy the benefits of using a dental crown or bridge.

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