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Pineville Dentist Explains How Long Teeth Whitening Lasts

Pineville Dentist Explains How long Teeth Whitening Lasts

If you’re reading this blog, you probably want to know if teeth whitening is worth it for you in the long run. You may also wonder just how long it will last and if the procedure will keep you from enjoying your usual cup of coffee in the morning. With so many teeth bleaching methods out there, patients have more questions than ever about what they should use or who they should go to for teeth whitening that lasts

When it comes to figuring out how long teeth whitening lasts, the answer isn’t so simple. It depends on a few factors, including how you get your teeth bleached. That’s why our dental team is here to help you understand what exactly teeth bleaching is, how it benefits you, and–perhaps most importantly–how long it will keep your teeth white

Teeth whitening in Pineville, NC

How Exactly Does Teeth Whitening Work?

There are a variety of teeth whitening options available on the market today. All methods require you to put some type of device or paste on your teeth that is loaded with stain-fighting ingredients. These ingredients will then work to remove the stains on your teeth by breaking them down bit by bit. 

While in-office teeth whitening is the best teeth bleaching option out there–because it lasts longer–it is not the only one that exists. Other options include products such as whitening strips and whitening toothpastes. However, these options come with a few drawbacks when compared to the whitening gel we use with Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed. 

Types of Teeth Whitening Products

Whitening Strips

Strips work over time, so you have to keep using them consistently to see results. Normally, it takes about 4 days before most people notice their teeth look whiter. 

Unfortunately, using teeth whitening strips too much can cause your teeth to become oversensitive and may even damage the enamel in the long run. Furthermore, because people expect results right away, they may get into the habit of overusing the product, which does much more harm than good in the end.

Whitening Toothpaste

While some people swear by the effectiveness of whitening toothpastes, in reality, they don’t actually take care of stains on teeth like in-office tooth whitening does. Certain whitening toothpastes contain chemicals, such as blue covarine, which only make teeth look less yellow. 

Whitening toothpastes can also cause tooth sensitivity if used excessively. Some brands can be especially abrasive to tooth enamel, so they shouldn’t be used regularly. In fact, it’s best to cycle between whitening toothpastes and regular toothpastes. Dentists recommend not using certain whitening toothpastes for more than 4 weeks at a time.

Whitening Varnish or Gel

With in-office teeth whitening, your dentist will apply quality ingredients, in the form of a varnish or gel, to your teeth to whiten them in one short visit. Our office uses Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed to give you the best teeth bleaching results within 45 minutes. 

This is made possible thanks to the gel that gets applied to your teeth and the WhiteSpeed blue LED light that the dentist uses to treat your teeth. The gel is gentle and will not damage your tooth enamel, making it the dentist-approved choice above all other teeth whitening methods. Even better, you can expect to see your teeth whiten by up to 8 shades by the time the procedure is done. 

When to get your teeth whitened in Pineville, NC

When Is the Best Time to Get My Teeth Whitened?

It’s important to time teeth whitening just right if you want them to look their best during an event or a photoshoot. If you decide to use teeth whitening strips, you’ll need to wait a few days for the results to go into effect. 

Whitening toothpastes can take even longer. You may not see much difference in your teeth until you’ve used the toothpaste consistently for six weeks.

Thankfully, with professional teeth whitening, you can see dramatic results in just one office visit. Since you can expect the results to last for a much longer time than other methods, you can enjoy your pearly white smile on every occasion

How Can I Keep White Teeth From Staining?

After you whiten your teeth, you may be wondering: how can I keep my teeth white afterward? Does whitening my teeth mean I can never drink coffee?

Brushing and flossing your teeth are still some of the most important things you can do for your oral health, regardless of when you get them whitened. However, there are a few other precautions you can take to make sure your pearly whites stay pearly. 

Minimize the Amount of Dark Sauces and Drinks You Consume

You don’t have to sacrifice flavor in your food to keep your teeth white. However, it’s still recommended to avoid or at least minimize the amount of dark sauces you use in your meals. These sauces include:

  • Red sauces like pasta sauce and marinara
  • Barbecue sauces 
  • Soy sauces

It’s also important to minimize the amount of coffee and tea you drink during the day. Since many people are used to drinking coffee or tea every day, they may not notice how much they stain their teeth over time. This is especially true for those who drink coffee after they brush their teeth in the morning.

Stay Away From Super Acidic Drinks as Much as Possible

Overall, anything acidic is not good for your teeth because it damages the enamel on your teeth. You can even damage your tooth enamel by not having enough saliva in your mouth. 

Sour juices, such as orange juice and lemon juice, should be avoided as much as possible, especially right after a Zoom! Whitening. 

Get Into the Habit of Rinsing Your Mouth After You Eat

It may sound excessive, but you should actually be rinsing your mouth out after every meal you have. Rinsing your mouth, especially with mouthwash or an antiseptic, can help you keep your breath fresh and your teeth white. Rinsing regularly will also help you avoid winding up with a picture or video of yourself with food stuck between your teeth.

Avoid Eating Dark Chocolate, Especially After Brushing Your Teeth

You may already know that sugar can damage your teeth, but chocolate can be especially damaging. The damage goes beyond cavities, however. Eating dark chocolate can stain your teeth over time because it contains tannins, which is an ingredient also found in coffee. 

Tannins wedge their way into the pores of your teeth, which causes discoloration over time. Because chocolate is sticky, it can affect your teeth even more. 

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining your oral health, just like it is for maintaining your overall health. In fact, your oral health and overall health are linked. The better you take care of yourself and enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, the healthier your teeth will be. 

Does Professional Teeth Whitening in Pineville, NC Last Longer?  

At our office, you can expect both dramatic and long-lasting results. With the help of Zoom! Whitening, our dental team has been able to help every patient achieve the sparkling smile of their dreams. The best part of it is: Zoom! Whitening can last for up to 24 months. 

At a minimum, our whitening treatment lasts for at least a year, which means you can show off your pearly whites at every single event or party you go to over and over again. While you shouldn’t expect your smile to dull within a year, you can also request a touch-up within a 6-month period. 

However, most people do not need to do anything further to keep their smile bright after a Zoom! Whitening treatment. In fact, your smile will typically look even whiter a few weeks after you get the procedure done!

Dentist in Pineville, NC

Where to Find Teeth Whitening in Pineville, NC

When you want to get your teeth professionally whitened, you’re going to want to find a practice that is certified and patient-centered. Everyone’s teeth are different, and it’s important for your dentist to check your oral health before you get your teeth whitened. 

If you have a stain on your teeth from tooth decay, the whitening treatment will not be nearly as effective. Even worse, you risk damaging your teeth even more if your dentist does not address the dental issues you have. 

Teeth whitening is not recommended for people who have dental implants, fillings, dental bridges, or crowns. It’s also not recommended for pregnant women or children younger than 16. 

Regardless of your situation, however, our dental team is ready to discuss options with you and give you quality service from the moment you walk through our office. We value building lifelong relationships with our patients, and we want you to have a smile you will be proud to show off. Not only are we well-versed in cosmetic dentistry, but we also offer a variety of other general dental services, including Invisalign, teeth cleanings, and teeth whitening in Pineville, NC.

Are you ready to have a brighter, whiter smile? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our team of dental professionals. We look forward to serving you!

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