No Insurance, No Problem!

No Insurance, No Problem!

Root Canals in Salisbury, NC

Say Goodbye to Pain While Chewing

Severely infected and decayed teeth can cause our patients a great deal of pain, and when left untreated, an infected nerve in your tooth may require that you schedule a root canal procedure. While no one looks forward to getting a root canal done, our team of skilled dentists can provide root canal treatment procedures in Salisbury, NC to eliminate your infection and prevent further pain. 

When Do You Need a Root Canal Treatment Procedure?

Root canals may become necessary when the inner pulp of your tooth becomes infected or damaged. Infections and damage usually occur due to decay, trauma, or previous dental procedures. 

If you notice any common symptoms that indicate you need a root canal, it’s important to consult us as soon as possible. We may determine that a root canal is necessary to remove the infected pulp and alleviate your pain – and if possible, preserve your tooth!

When do you need a root canal treatment procedure in Salisbury, NC?

Root Canal Treatment Expectations

Before you undergo your root canal procedure, you’ll have an initial consultation during which we’ll assess the condition of your infected tooth with X-rays and a formal exam.

You can expect the root canal treatment to begin with numbing your infected area and removing the pulp, after which we’ll place a crown on your tooth and restore its original function. We’ll recommend that you call us to schedule follow-up appointments with us so that we can ensure the success and longevity of your newly treated tooth.

Schedule an Appointment for a Root Canal Treatment

Never ignore common symptoms that indicate you require a root canal treatment procedure. If you’re experiencing recurring pain and discomfort even after previous dental procedures and appointments with a dentist, it’s important that you get in touch with us to see if our root canal treatment procedures in Salisbury, NC can permanently alleviate your pain and restore your quality of life. 
Schedule an appointment for a root canal treatment procedure in Salisbury, NC.