No Insurance, No Problem!

No Insurance, No Problem!

How To Get Rid of Plaque: Advice from Your Dentist in Salisbury, NC

Get rid of plaque in Salisbury, NC

Dental plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that continuously forms on the teeth. It begins accumulating hours after brushing the teeth and has the potential to harden into tartar if left unchecked. We care about your oral health and are dedicated to helping you get rid of plaque in Salisbury, NC.  Plaque buildup is […]

5 Tips for Better Oral Hygiene From Your Salisbury Dentists

A woman showing off her pearly whites in our Salisbury dental center.

Oral hygiene is not just about a dazzling smile. It is the cornerstone of your overall health. The journey to a healthier, happier you begins with good oral habits. Our dentists reveal their top five tips for superior oral hygiene in Salisbury, NC. Soon, you will see that your smile is more than your teeth; […]