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Top 7 Reasons to Whiten Teeth

Top 7 Reasons to Whiten Teeth

Teeth whitening is among the most common cosmetic dental procedures offered and engaged in. Teeth whitening can improve several aspects of your dental health and satisfaction. According to the ADA, 90% of dental patients request teeth whitening at some point in their dental health journeys. 

What is so special about whiter teeth? 

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening may be seen as a cosmetic procedure, but simply having whiter teeth is not the only reason to enlist professional whitening. Whitening offers numerous benefits, each of them tied in some way to improved health, whether that is an individual’s oral health or mental health. Choosing teeth whitening can impact your grin in several key ways

Aesthetic Appeal

White teeth have been associated with greater health and trustworthiness. Although oral hygiene cannot be successfully evaluated by the shade of your grin alone, studies have shown that people associate white teeth with health and integrity. The aesthetic appeal of an individual’s smile can have an effect on their ability to cultivate relationships and can have a substantial impact on their job and educational prospects. 


Teeth can discolor at different rates, and dental work can make seemingly alright teeth suddenly look like extremely yellow teeth. Professional whitening can help alleviate inconsistency in the color of teeth and allow people with stained teeth to feel more comfortable showing their smiles. When uniformity is the goal, professional teeth whitening is ideal. Over-the-counter and at-home remedies may not whiten evenly and can be difficult to apply to certain areas of the mouth alone


From a special event, like a wedding, to an important job interview, confidence is important. Nothing helps you feel confident in having a great smile quite like being able to show off your pearly whites each time you smile or speak. With whiter teeth, you may experience greater confidence in your appearance, which can trickle down to other areas of your life. 

Top 7 Reasons to Whiten Teeth

Although there are three basic reasons to whiten teeth, there are countless reasons to enlist the help of teeth whitening treatments. These reasons frequently involve additional dental procedures and often come in a cascade of oral health improvement efforts. 

Conclusion of Invisalign Treatment

Whether you are using traditional braces or Invisalign to straighten your teeth, it is common to request teeth whitening after completing orthodontic treatment. Having a newly straightened grin can improve your confidence in showing off your pearly whites, and a teeth whitening treatment can further boost your confidence in your new smile. 

Traditional braces may cause discoloration as a result of the brackets placed on teeth. Invisalign does not usually result in the same pattern of discoloration, but freshly straightened teeth often encourage patients to step out with a brand new smile

Tooth Rebuilding

Tooth rebuilding typically occurs during veneer placement, filling application, and root canal therapy. When you rebuild a previously unhealthy or damaged tooth, it is common to want to match all of the remaining teeth to the repaired tooth. Because teeth should not be whitened when decay is present, many people wait until restorative procedures are complete to request a whitening appointment

Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement can be a great reason to whiten teeth. When teeth are replaced with an implant or bridge, they can stand out amongst your other teeth if staining is present. Dental implants offer realistic tooth replacements, and teeth whitening can help those realistic teeth blend in more effectively with existing natural teeth. To make sure that natural and replacement teeth are healthy and well, teeth whitening should be completed by a dental professional

Replaced Fillings

Amalgam fillings were once the expected standard for teeth with cavities, but their tendency to create a discolored appearance in teeth has meant that they have fallen out of favor. When amalgam fillings are replaced with composite fillings, many patients visiting the dentist find that their teeth are no longer uniform in appearance. Filling replacement appointments are often great contenders for teeth whitening. 

Common Staining

Staining does not detract from healthy smiles but can contribute to feelings of discomfort and embarrassment. Teeth whitening is typically used for common staining from dietary habits, such as drinking tea, wine, and coffee. Staining can also occur as a result of medication. Your dentist can help you determine if your particular type of staining is a good candidate for professional whitening treatments. Yellow teeth typically respond more effectively to whitening than gray and brown teeth

Age-Induced Discoloration

As people age, their enamel begins to wear down and become transparent. When you are able to see through enamel more thoroughly, you witness the presence of dentin in the teeth. Dentin is a naturally pale yellow substance, which can contribute to the appearance of yellowing and stained teeth. This type of discoloration often responds well to whitening treatments, fortunately, and people who are advancing in age may find some relief from discoloration through professional teeth whitening treatments. 

Oral Health Improvement

Although oral health is not usually the primary reason to whiten your teeth, it can contribute to improved oral health. Many people are eager to maintain their newly bright, white smiles and subsequently care for their teeth with more accuracy and consistency than was previously the case. Peroxide-based treatments may also contribute to the lessening of unhealthy bacteria in the gums. Although teeth whitening should not be used as a primary line of defense against declining oral health, health can serve as a supplementary benefit of whitening treatments

Teeth Whitening in Pineville, NC

Whether you are looking for a boost to your confidence for special occasions or you simply want to improve the appearance of your grin, our dental team provides professional teeth whitening in Pineville, NC. Contact our office today to learn more about our teeth whitening services!

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